The work with troubled youth began in 1983, in response to an increasing awareness of the presence of youths-at-risk in our housing estates, as Youth Guidance, a ministry department with Singapore Youth for Christ (SYFC)


YGOS' programmes are built upon these fundaments:


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    School Social Work (SSW)

    SSW is targeted at pupils at risk and out of school youths who have poor track record in schools and attendance.

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    The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (STSPMF)

    STSPMF is targeted at needy families that need some financial help for their school going children/youth.

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    Experiential Learning and Mentoring Programme (ELMP)

    ELMP targets youth at risk who hangs out at shopping malls, void decks, LAN gaming centres, arcades.

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    Mentoring Alliance Programme

    Mentoring Alliance pairs an older mentor with a youth to equip them with social and life skills, as well as teach them to learn from one another.


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    Enhanced Step Up (ESU)

    ESU is targeted at youths who face school refusal/truancy issues, or have withdrawn from school.

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    Youth At Risk Engagement (YARE) - Adventure-Based Counselling

    YARE ABC is targeted at youths at risk, and it aims to combine the platform of adventure learning with the therapeutic effects of group work in contributing to positive youth development and resilience.

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    Smoking Cessation Intervention Programme for Youth Smokers

    Smoking Cessation brings youths through experiential learning and positive guidance to get positive autonomy to quit smoking.


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    Streetwise Programme (SWP) Enhanced Streetwise Programme (ESWP)

    SWP is targeted at youths caught by the police for rioting, unlawful assembly, gang related police cases.

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    Guidance Programme (GP)

    GP is targeted at youths caught for petty crime such as theft, arson, killer litter, rash acts and voluntarily causing hurt..

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    Theft Intervention Programme (TIP)

    TIP is targeted at probational youths who are in the system for theft related repeated offences.

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    Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES)

    The Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES) Scheme is a 6-month programme for first-time drug offenders aged 21 and below.


Our Mission

To provide hope to youths-at-risk and their families through caring relationships and developmental opportunities for the whole person

Our Vision

Developing People
Diversifying Partnership
Distinctive Purpose



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